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Live Lodge Cam allows you to view your dog online during their stay at The Lodge at Wellington in a luxury suite.

Your computer should have sufficient operating capacity and video streaming capability to be able to access the Lodge Cams. You should be able to use most browsers to access the cameras. If you need assistance, please see Frequently Asked Questions below.

To view the Lodge Cams you must have the password provided when you dropped your dog off for boarding. Please enter the password below and click Submit. Then select the Suite where your dog is staying. After it has finished loading, press the Play Button.


Why doesn’t the password work?
The password is case sensitive. Make sure you have entered it correctly. Also, the password may have changed since the last time you accessed Live Lodge Cam. Please call our office to get the new password.

Why does it take so long for video streaming to start?
It will take about 20-30 seconds for each suite video to load. Please press the Play button to start the video streaming. If there are internet issues, the video may not start streaming. Check other cameras to see if they are working. You can try pressing RETRY. If it still doesn’t work, try again later.

Why isn’t my dog visible at night?
The Lodge Cams are designed for normal daylight and do not work well in low light conditions. Try again during normal business hours when there is daylight or the lights are on.

Can I use an Apple computer to access Live Lodge Cam?
You should be able to use an Apple computer to access the Lodge Cams.

Why can't I always see my dog in the suite?
Remember that there is an outside door where your dog may go in and out at will (weather permitting). Also the camera may not view the entire room and all corners so he or she may be cuddled up in a corner taking a nap. Lastly, your dog may be enjoying playtime, talking a walk, or getting a bath.

I am watching my dog and suddenly I am returned to the Logon page
After 15 minutes the program will close and return to the logon screen so that others may access Live Lodge Cam. Please only view your dog for short periods of time. Video streaming uses a lot of computer resources.

We will make every attempt (within our expertise) to help you view your dog while you are away, however, we cannot control what type of computer, operating system, or internet access you are using. Live Lodge Cam is a service offered for the convenience of our clients with dogs staying at the Lodge at Wellington, however, we make no guarantee that Lodge Cams will work at all times from any location, computer or other device.