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What Is On-Line Pharmacy?

If you are new to our On-Line Stores, please read the information below to answer questions you may have and learn how to create an account.

What is On-Line Stores?

We offer On-Line Stores as a convenience for our clients to order veterinary products that are shipped directly to their homes. There are 2 stores: MyVetStore (for companion pets) and MyEquineStore (for horses).

Over 2400 products are available for cats and dogs. Products include heartworm and flea prevention products, pet diets, nutritional supplements, dental products, prescription and non-prescription medications, shampoos, ear and eye medication, and more. These products are provided direct from manufacturers and carry the same product guarantee that we provide from our in-house pharmacy, ensuring you receive the same quality products you would get from us.

You can set up auto shipments for monthly preventatives that are shipped directly to you as an alternative to purchasing a half or full year's supply. In addition some generic heartworm preventatives are now available. All On-Line Stores are safe and secure websites. Best of all it's a convenient way to order veterinary products for your beloved pets and it's a free service to our clients.

What is required to use On-Line Stores?

All you need is to be an established client of the Wellington Veterinary Clinic with an email address. You will register under each store (as applicable) and receive a confirmation email link to order from the store. You will click on a link from our website to access one of the three online stores for small animals, equine or farm products. In order to receive prescription medications, we must have a doctor-patient relationship with your pet, and we must have seen your pet within the last 6 months. Please allow 48 hours for prescription items to be approved). If you are not currently a client and would like to become one, please call our office during normal business hours to set up an appointment.

How do I sign up to start using On-Line Store?

Click on the On-Line Store icon located on our website ( and you will be directed to a link for 2 stores: MyVetStore and MyEquineStore. The store sites are easy to use. You will create an account by registering.

Your order will be shipped to the address you provide. Free shipping is offered on orders over a certain dollar amount. Each store has different requirements. For the automatic monthly shipment program "Dose It", the shipping charge is already included.

We hope that you will like the convenience of being able to shop online for your pets. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call during normal business hours at 440-647-4100.

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