Health Care for Alpaca

We offer ambulatory appointments at your farm in the Wellington and surrounding areas by appointment, and provide comprehensive medical and surgical evaluations, diagnostics and treatment. We have a portable digital radiography machine and portable ultrasound machines. We need at least 48 hours advanced notice on calls requiring this equipment so the doctor can bring the proper equipment to your appointment.

We also offer emergency care after normal business hours. An emergency fee for after hour services will apply in addition to the trip charge based on how far your farm is from our clinic. For clients outside our ambulatory range, we offer some trailering to our facility for treatment in our new alpaca barn. Please call ahead to make arrangements. Payment is expected at the time of service.

Education is fundamental to Wellington Veterinary Clinic. As an owner of farm animals, livestock, or large animal companions, the more educated you are, the better health care your animals will have.


  • Herd Health Management — We offer consultations on herd health, reproductive management including breeding advice, herd palpations and ultrasounds, artificial insemination, vaccinations, disease management, nutritional consultation, and parasite control.
  • Surgery and Dental Care — lacerations, caesarean section, tooth root abscess. We offer surgery at our Apaca Care Center at our office.
  • Vaccinations — vaccinations should be done on a farm-by-farm basis with the recommendation of a veterinarian
  • Forms to Download: Please see forms to download for specific health care recommendations.

Our new Alpaca Care Center is for our alpaca patients requiring hospitalization, surgery or radiographs. It is also helpful for clients who live outside our ambulatory range, but still prefer our expertise and wide range of services. Our Alpaca Care Center allows for faster diagnosis of medical conditions and treatment since everything we need is right in our hospital.

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Periodically we host educational seminars for our alpaca clients to learn about alpaca health care issues.

In June 2005, Ft. Dodge Animal Health sponsored an educational seminar regarding herd health protocols and vaccinations.

In September 2007, the seminar was once again sponsored by Ft. Dodge and the quest speaker spoke on "Alpaca Reproduction Physiology".


When do I need to get a Health Paper for my alpaca?
Whenever you travel with your alpaca, in or out of state, you should have a certificate of veterinary inspection or health paper. If you are traveling out of state, please check with that state's requirements. Your health paper must be approved by a state veterinarian at ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture). It will take about two weeks to get your original copy so plan ahead for travel out of state. A Health Paper is valid for about 30 days.

What are the normal vital signs for alpaca?
Heart rate: 70-120 beats per minute
Respiratory rate: 6-18 breaths per minute
Temperature: 100.5-102.5 °F
Mucous Membrane color Pink and refill time in less than 2 seconds

How can I determine if my alpaca is pregnant?
An Ultrasound is the optimum method of determining pregnancy status and fetal viability. Most alpaca dams have an ultrasound done between 24-30 days post-breeding and then confirmed at 75-100 days after breeding.

Do you offer alpaca micro-chipping for identification?
We offer several types of micro-chipping services and we have a universal reader.

What vaccines should my alpaca receive?
Please refer to our Alpaca Vaccination and Vitamins under Client Info, Forms to Download.

What is the meningeal worm?
The meningeal worm (Parelaphostrongylus tenuis) is an intestinal round worm common in the whitetail deer. It causes few problems in deer but in an abnormal host, such as the alpaca or llama, it can leave the intestines and migrate into the spinal cord, causing severe neurological symptoms. Regular fecal checks and de-worming can effectively treat infections.

When is the optimum time to de-worm my llama or Alpaca and what product should be used?
Please refer to our Alpaca De-worming Schedule under Client Info, Forms to Download.

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