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We offer ambulatory appointments at your farm in the Wellington and surrounding areas. We have multiple doctors available to service our farm clients. We provide comprehensive medical and surgical evaluations, diagnostics, and treatment. We offer portable digital radiography and ultrasound. We also offer emergency care after normal business hours. An emergency fee for after hour service will apply in addition to the trip charge. There is trip charge based on how far your farm is from our clinic. Payment is expected at the time of service.

Education is fundamental to Wellington Veterinary Clinic. As an owner of farm animals, livestock, or large animal companions, the more educated you are, the better health care your animals will have.


  • Herd Health Management
    We offer consultations on herd health, reproductive management including breeding advice, herd palpations, artificial insemination, vaccinations, disease management, nutritional consultation, calf management, and parasite control.

  • Specialized Reproductive Services — on farm Embryo Transfer services, bull soundness exams, and embryo sales.

  • Surgery — castration, dehorning, lacerations, displaced abomasums, caesarean section, hernia repair

  • Diagnostic Lab Services — In-house testing for down cow blood profiles. Send out testing for milk cultures, Johnes testing, tuberculosis testing, BVD (bovine viral diarrhea), and USDA ear tags.

  • Micro-chipping or tattooing for goats

  • Drop Ship Program
    We offer a drop shipment program of medications for dairy herd clients

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