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Surgical Services

There are times when surgery may be needed for your pet. You can be assured that Wellington Veterinary Clinic provides the highest standard of surgical, anesthetic and nursing care.

Prior to surgery, we perform a thorough physical exam to determine the health of your pet before undergoing surgery. Because not all problems can be detected upon examination we also perform pre-anesthetic blood testing to identify any existing medical conditions.

We use modern inhalation isoflurane gas anesthesia with a ventilator, pulse oximetery, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate and respiration monitor with continuous monitoring by a Registered Technician.

We offer a well-equipped operating room and use sterile instrumentation and wear appropriate gowns, caps, masks and gloves for sterile procedures. We provide thermal regulating equipment to maintain the patient's body temperature during surgery and recovery. Pain management is integral in our medical protocol to provide a comfortable experience for your pet during recovery and after they go home.

We offer surgical services for many procedures including:

Elective Surgery

Ovario-hysterectomy (spay)

Soft Tissue Surgery

Tumor excisions and biopsy
Intestinal problems
Urinary problems
Anal sac removal
Respiratory issues
Ear Issues

Orthopedic Surgery

Fracture repair
Cruciate repair
Patella repair

If you choose to compare fees to other clinics for any surgery, make sure that you evaluate the same quality of care. An elective surgery for spay or neuter or declaw is a once in a lifetime procedure for your pet and you need to make sure that it is done right.

In addition to traditional surgery, we also offer surgery via a state-of-the-art surgical laser for safe, comfortable treatment. For many procedures, such as feline declaws, mass removal and entropion, the surgical laser provides a better alternative to traditional surgery using a scalpel. By sealing the nerve endings and small blood vessels during surgery, the laser reduces pain and blood loss and causes less swelling resulting in less risk of infection and a faster return to normal activities.

Dental care for your pet's teeth is an important part of their overall health. Tartar build-up and plaque can cause serious damage to teeth and health problems in addition to foul smelling breath. Regular dental cleanings and oral check ups can help your pet stay healthy throughout its life. We offer dental care for cats and dogs as well as alpaca and equine. Our new digital intraoral radiographs unit will allow us to diagnose dental disease sooner and help prevent disease and loss of teeth. Please see Health Care for Dogs & Cats under Frequently Asked Questions for more information on why dental care is so important to your pet's overall health.

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